Farrago Kaffekoppar 6st/Grey/30cl

859 kr 954 kr

För alla kaffe-lovers out there, nu har du äntligen funnit den optimala kaffekoppen! Våra perfekt stapelbara Farragokoppar  är en riktig favorit både bland restaurangköken och hos privatpersoner. Aldrig har vi varit så stolta över kvalitén och känslan som i dessa koppar. Handgjord och underbar. Njut av en varm kopp te eller latte – eller en stor härlig kaffe i vår absoluta favoritkopp. Färgen på kopparna i detta set är vår senast utvecklade ljusgrå glasyr som har många fina skiftningar i sig. En smash för den som gillar grått helt enkelt!

Setet innehåller:

  • Farrago kaffe/tekoppar i färgen Grey (159kr/st)

Övrig information: 

  • Material: Stengods
  • Centiliter: 30
  • Tillverkad i Portugal
  • Tål ugn, frys, micro & diskmaskin

What does "restaurant quality" really mean?

Professional kitchens place high demands on tableware. In addition to all products having to withstand the wear and tear that a restaurant environment entails with countless washing in the machine and constant use, it is also required to be able to heat plates in the oven and microwave as well as put them in the freezer. Our products are made from stoneware which is often fired twice and at very high temperatures to create durable and durable products suitable for restaurant use.

What is so good about stoneware?

Stoneware is a material in ceramics that is fired at high temperatures, which creates durable products that can withstand ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. It is also a material that can be dyed into lovely decorative glazes.

How do I best take care of my Norling Studio products?

All our products are machine washable and are designed to last over time.

The semi-matte colors are a little sensitive to strong dyes, especially if they are exposed for a long time - an example of this is if you forget blueberries in a bowl overnight, then stains can appear that can be difficult to remove. It is of course fine to serve blueberries and the like from all our products, just make sure not to leave it standing and if possible we recommend that you wash in the dishwasher.

If black streaks appear on your plates from cutlery, it is usually metal from stainless steel that is the cause. These can in most cases be polished away with the help of a little white toothpaste and a cloth.

Why do some products differ in color?

Many of our products are handmade, which also means that they are unique. In addition, many of our products are hand-painted or "hand-dipped", which means that some of the pigment can stick and settle a little differently depending on the shape, and therefore you can see certain shifts.

Where are Norling Studios products produced?

We cooperate with carefully selected factories in Portugal. The Portuguese are among the professionals in stoneware and we only work with those who meet the high standards we set for quality.

Where can you eat on your plates?

We are happy and proud to say that our products adorn several tables around Sweden. Feel free to take a look here to read about some of our projects.

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