Team Norling Studio Camilla Norén Therese Lingegård Karin Cavallin


Female founded Norling Studio is made up of al team who shares a passion for design, interior, and unique dining experiences that deliver that little something extra.  

Layered on top of our several years experience directly within the restaurant industry, they have a collective creative background in design engineering and production, fashion and homeware.



We set out to design and produce tableware that is interesting, inspiring, and modern, whilst being equally durable and suitable for restaurant environments. 

Together with our partners and factories, we deliver the highest quality goods and most personal service, with the goal to make elevated dining experiences accessible to a wider group of hosts and their guests.


We love spending time in restaurants with carefully thought out concepts and with clear DNA. We took that love and packaged it together with our passion for design, food, and service with the goal of filling a (hungry) gap in the market – the need to provide customized tableware solutions, this in terms of color and shape as well as size and feel .